Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

How can I review your products? open/close nav

Click on the "See All Products" link on the left-hand navigation area called Product Assortments. Our assortments are made up of individual product categories like shirts, pants and jackets. Just click on the assortment that best categorizes your clothing needs. You'll be brought to a page that lists the items available under that category like our popular 401 Three-Season Jacket. Then just click on the item number you're interested in and you'll be brought to a style page where you will find detailed product information, ordering information and a "Buy" button and a top "Buy Item" link.

You can also click on our individual product categories, like shirts, pants etc. from the left-hand navigation "Shop Online" section on every page. This will also bring you to the page that lists the items available under that particular product category.

The following example features a product category:

At the style level for jackets, you will see a presentation like the following example:

Does the website feature all the merchandise from your catalogs? open/close nav

We continue to increase the selection of items on our site; however, we do not offer all of our products online.

You can contact us:

by email at:

by fax at: (800) 436-3132

or by phone at: (800) 388-3300

to order any item in our catalog not found on our website.

How can I find and review detailed information for each product? open/close nav

At the top of every style page, there are links that give you more detailed product information.

  • "See Colors" allows you to see the color that each product comes in.
  • "Check Stock and See Prices" gives the price for each product, along with the color and size availability for each item.
  • "Buy Item" brings you to the "Buy" button on the bottom of the page, where you fill in specific order information for that product before clicking the "Buy" button.
How do I buy an item and add it to my shopping cart? open/close nav

On the product page, there is an area to fill in product ordering information. This is where you would fill in garment color, size and quantity for that particular product. If you want the garment to have personalization, click on the personalization box at the bottom of the page. That will bring you to an easy personalization form where you can:

  • specify if you want standard print screening or standard embroidery - which is your personal or company name. If custom embroidery is desired, please call one of our personalization experts at 800-677-6060.
  • specify if you want this product added to your shopping cart by clicking the "Add To Order" button.

If you do not want personalization, do not click on the personalization box – just leave it blank and click the "Buy" button at the bottom of the page. After completing this order information and clicking the "Buy" button, the item is added to your shopping cart and you are brought to the shopping cart page. From this shopping cart page, you can review your order and you also have the opportunity to:

  • Add another quantity of the same product to your order, Or
  • "Continue Shopping" and return to our products, Or
  • Click "Check Out" and finish shopping
What is the Step Saver Button on the product page? open/close nav

The"Step Saver" is an easy way for you to add multiple sizes and colors of that same product to your order without having to re-enter that product. So, it eliminates the need to enter the same garment information over and over again.


Can I order personalization online? open/close nav

Many of our garments can be personalized with your name and company logo by using our Logo Center. But, not all of our personalization options are available online.

What if the personalization I want is not available online? open/close nav

As of yet, not all of our personalization options and combinations are supported by our online ordering service. If the personalization you need is not offered online - please call us and a personalization expert will help you place your order.

Where do I supply personalization information when ordering online? open/close nav

The product page has a check box to select if you want embroidery or screen printing. Once you select an option, you are brought to the Logo Center, which has a place for you to supply the information needed to order basic personalization online.

What if I do not want personalization? open/close nav

If you want your garment without personalization, select none under the "Choose Customization" section on the right hand side of the page.

Checkout, Address, Delivery and Payment Information

How do I checkout after I finish shopping? open/close nav

Once you have decided to checkout, click the "Shopping Cart" button on the top right navigation area (if you are not on a page which has a "Check Out" button). Then you will step through the final series of simple forms required to complete your order. The first is the Bill-To and Ship-To form, where you will either fill in or confirm your billing and shipping address. Optionally, you may specify a different address for order delivery. From this Bill-To and Ship-To page, you can also redeem a coupon. To get to the next page, click the "continue" button.

Can I resume shopping or delete an item from my shopping cart at anytime? open/close nav

At anytime, until you have completed credit card information - you may resume shopping, delete an item from your shopping cart, or visit any area on our site. The information that you have supplied up to that point will not be lost and will not need to be re-entered.

How do I specify my delivery preference? open/close nav

After you have supplied us with your Bill-To and Ship-To information and clicked the "Continue" button, you are brought to a Shipping Method page where you are asked for your shipping preference. Most of our parcels are shipped via UPS Ground, although ARAMARK also offers Priority Mail and Parcel Post. You may also select UPS 2 Day PM and UPS 1 Day PM. For all shipping methods, please allow for an in-house processing time before an order is shipped. Your order confirmation email will indicate when you should expect to receive your order. Please call us if you need your order sooner than the date provided. Fill in your preferred shipping method and then click the "Continue" button.

What are my payment options? open/close nav

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover Card. Please include your card number, as well as your card's expiration date. From this payment page you can also view your order summary and then submit your order. You may also enter a coupon at this time. Enter the coupon number in the box provided and click the "Redeem" button. If the coupon you entered has a discount for one or more of the products you are purchasing, you will see the price adjustment after clicking the "Redeem button.

Is my order Secure? open/close nav

Credit card information is gathered using your browser's Secure Mode. You may notice that your browser will display this form's page address beginning with "https://" instead of the usual "http://". The s stands for secure - and it means we're using the industry standard Secure Sockets technology to help ensure that your credit card information gets transmitted to us safely.

What if you don't use a browser that supports Secure Mode? open/close nav

We recommend that you consider upgrading your browser to one that does. Excellent browsers are available from Microsoft or Mozilla, and others.

My Account Information

How do I register for My Account? open/close nav

Registering is easy. Click on the red My Account toolbox located in the left-hand navigation area or click the "Please Sign In" link located on the top right navigation area. Simply pick a user name and password and then fill out our simple online form. That's it. We store your shipping and billing information on our secure server so you never have to re-enter it.

Will I be required to enter my username and password each time I use My Account? open/close nav

No. If your computer accepts cookies, the system will remember that you have been to My Account before and you will not need to sign in. All you need to do is click on the red toolbox located in the left-hand navigation area.

Why should I register? What are the benefits? open/close nav

My Account is packed with features designed to make shopping on a snap. Registering makes checkout easy. We store your shipping and billing information on our secure server so you never have to re-enter it. My Account also allows you to track all your orders, upload your logo, access your account history, view your billing statements, contact your Account Representative and much more.

Do I have to register to place an order? open/close nav

No. My Account is offered as a convenience to our customers.

How do I change my shipping, billing or email address settings open/close nav

  • First you need to be signed into your Account.
  • After signing into your account click on the "My Account" link located on the top of each shopARAMARK web page.
  • Click on the Edit Address link located below your shipping address information.
  • After typing the desired email address, click on the red "Submit" button located at the bottom of the form.

What do I do if I forget my username and password? open/close nav

  • You may request email delivery of your account login credentials by following the steps below
  • Click on This Link
  • Type your email address into the form where indicated
  • Click on the red "Submit" button
  • Your password will be emailed to the address submitted on the form

What if I share a computer with someone in my home or office? open/close nav

If you use a shared computer, when you finish shopping at, be sure to use the "sign off" feature on the My Account page to clear your personal My Account information from the local computer.

Order Confirmation, Tracking and General Information

How do I know you received my order? open/close nav

Once you have submitted your method of payment, you will see an Order Confirmation page. This page is formatted so that you can print and save it for your records. It will confirm all of the details that you have specified: billing and delivery information, as well as product and personalization options, quantities, and pricing.

Will I receive an email confirmation for my order? open/close nav

Yes, once your order is received into our corporate mainframe computer, you will be sent an email confirmation containing your order number. The order number is used to track your order through the order processing and billing systems. If you need to talk to us about your order, the order number will help us find your information as quickly as possible. If you do not have your order number, we can also use your name, address or phone number.

Can I check my order status online? open/close nav

You can also use your order number online to check the status of your order anytime by clicking on the "Track Your Order" link on the top navigation area.

Can I track my order with a Federal Express tracking number? open/close nav

If you would like to track your package, please send us an email at with the order number and we will email you the tracking number.

What if one of the items I ordered is on backorder? open/close nav

Your order confirmation will include the date we expect you will receive each item. If an item is on backorder, we will include the expected date we will receive the merchandise at ARAMARK on your confirmation. If that date changes, we will contact you to let you know.

Does ARAMARK accept international orders? open/close nav

Currently we only accept orders from the United States and Canada. Please email us at and we will contact you to process an international order.

Discounts and Tax Information

Do you offer Quantity Discounts on large orders? open/close nav

Yes. Our online ordering service will calculate quantity discounts, where applicable, for your entire order. If you are ordering one item in several sizes or colors, or with different personalization options, then you will specify each unique combination separately. The total quantity purchased for a item, regardless of size, color, or personalization variations, is the basis for our quantity discounts.

Why was I charged sales tax when you don't have a retail store in my state? open/close nav

ARAMARK Uniform Services & Career Apparel is a division of ARAMARK, which has a physical presence in every U.S. state. Therefore, we are required to charge sales tax on shipments to all states.